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Non Profit Debt Relief Scams

Non-profit debt relief companies have become an increasingly popular option in recent years, due to the economic downturn and...


Reputable Debt Consolidation

A lot of people turn to debt relief agencies after their credit score has already been significantly damaged by late...


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Debt Relief  Resources
Debt Relief May Be Offering Bankruptcy
This consumer alert was published by the FTC regarding bankruptcy lawyers who were promoting themselves as debt relief companies. Unknowingly many consumers were really signing up for Chapter 13 debt reorganizations, which were promoted as debt consolidation programs.

Knee Deep in Debt
This is an informative piece summarizing the debt relief options available to consumers. It reviews credit counseling and debt management plans, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, and debt negotiation, also known as debt settlement.

Getting Credit
Written by the FTC, this publication is an insightful overview of what credit is, how to manage it, and what to look for when obtaining credit cards.

Objective Debt Settlement Information
Published by Wikipedia, this page is an objective overview of debt settlement with full disclosures about the potential pitfalls, as well as information about how it can help consumers overwhelmed with unsecured debt who are in need of relief.

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