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Old Debt Consolidation  Help

There are a number of debt reduction options currently available for consumers who are struggling with outstanding debt obligations. While consumer debt levels are on the rise, there are a handful of individuals who are still struggling with paying back old debt. Many debtors have accounts that have been sent into collections or are being charged off or sold to bad debt buyers. Dealing with collection agency and bad debt buyer harassment is something that no one wants to deal with or experience as they try to accumulate funds to pay off the debt.

 Unfortunately, for many of these consumers facing similar circumstances, paying off the total old debt that they have is not an option due to their financial circumstances. Inevitably, knowing that one does not have the necessary means to pay off their old debt will result in a very stressful situation. However, there are still a number of debt relief options to consider even if your old debt is still looming above your head.

Debt settlement companies may be able to negotiate with collection agencies and bad debt buyers to reduce the total old debt amount that you owe. For consumers who want to take care of their old debt but know that is an unrealistic goal if the balances aren’t reduced, debt settlement may be the perfect fit. There are also some benefits that come along with using a debt settlement company to meet your old debt obligations. Let me explain why.

For one, when the original creditor assigns the debt or sells the debt to a collection agency, they no longer consider your debt to be an asset to their books. As a result, the collection agency will purchase the debt for pennies on the dollar and take in for profit a percentage of whatever settlement they reach with a debt settlement company. Due to the fact that they bought the debt for so cheap, even by reaching a 40-50% settlement with the company the collection agency still rakes in a healthy profit as a result. The same applies for the situation when your debt is charged off or sold to a bad debt buyer. Keep in mind, when a debt is charged off, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the debt back. You still need to pay back the old debt, but the creditor no longer anticipates that they will be able to collect on the debt so they end up selling it for a really cheap price, in hopes to collect at least a portion of what you owe.

If the debt is old, it most likely means that you are past due and have not been making payments on it. Due to that fact, the downsides of a debt settlement program are relatively insignificant. For one, because monthly payments are not being dispersed through this type of a program, the payment history suffers and can lower your credit score.

If you aren’t making payments on the old debt anyway, then this impact is already affecting your credit. Additionally, the second disadvantage of falling behind on your payments is the fact that the creditor reserves the right to pursue legal action to collect the debt. If you are already behind on your payments, they can do this regardless if you are in a debt settlement program or not.


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