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Non Profit Debt Relief Scams

Non-profit debt relief companies have become an increasingly popular option in recent years, due to the economic downturn and...


Reputable Debt Consolidation

A lot of people turn to debt relief agencies after their credit score has already been significantly damaged by late...


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Credit Counseling  Resources

Obama Government Bailout Credit Card Debt
This article discusses television advertisements purporting that there is a President Obama-approved program that will reduce one's unsecured debts.  As with much of the advertising for debt relief programs, it's too good to be true, it is. 

National Debt Relief Stimulus Initiative
This article warns consumers who are receiving letters claiming to be from divisions within the federal government that these are simply advertisements for debt relief services.  Companies who use these types of advertisements are best to be avoided because they are marketing deceptively.

Reduce Debt
This article gives some important reasons why consumers should reduce debt.

Credit Counseling FAQs
This page answers some frequently asked questions about credit counseling debt reduction programs.

This article gives some information about debt relief for repossessions (repo).

Credit Counseling Vs. Debt Settlement
This article explains the important factors that determine whether credit counseling or debt settlement is your appropriate debt solution

Bad Credit Card Debt
This article lists some of the ways you may be affecting your credit negatively and how to fix it.

Achieving Debt Freedom
This article discusses the simple realities of achieving freedom from debt.

Credit Card Tricks
This article discusses some ways of the tricks and traps that credit card companies use to get consumers on the hook with high interest and fees.

Is Debt Relief for You?
This article gives some pointers to help consumers figure out whether they need debt relief or if their situation can be remedied by better budgeting.

Car, Auto, & Vehicle Repo FAQs
This page answers some frequently asked questions about consumers rights before, during, and after a repo.

Simple Debt Relief Tips
This article discusses some of the easiest ways to reduce credit card debt and get financial relief.

Debt Snowball for Debt Reduction
This article goes into depth about the details surrounding Dave Ramsey's "Debt Snowball" method for debt reduction.

Increase Minimums to Reduce Credit Card Debt
This article details the OCC's decision to increase credit card minimum payments in 2006.

FICO Credit Score Overview
This article is an overview of the most widely used credit scoring system.

What Makes Up My Credit Score?
This article goes in depth on what comprises FICO credit scores.

Hardships & Debt Relief
This article lists the top 5 reasons people seek our debt relief services.

Debt Relief Counseling
This page gives some tips on how to make sure your debt situation isn't affecting your marriage.

Medical Debt Relief
This page gives information about ways to ensure that you aren't paying more than you need to with medical bills.

Hospital Debt Relief
Part 2 of a 4 part series of articles on ways that consumers can be over-billed by hospitals.

Medical Bill Reduction
Part 3 of a 4 part series on ways that consumers can be over-billed by hospitals.

Medical Debt Reduction
Part 4 of a 4 part series on ways that consumers can be over-billed by hospitals.

Debt Relief History - Credit Counseling
This article goes in depth explaining the origins of the original form of debt relief---credit counseling.

Credit Debt Relief
This is article 1 in a series on the nature of credit counseling debt relief.

Is Debt Relief Possible When They Are Funded By Your Creditors?
This article examines the issue of whose interests credit counseling companies are protecting---yours or your creditors?

Non-Profit Debt Relief
This article examines whether consumers really benefit from non-profit debt relief organizations.

Why Credit Counseling Fails To Provide Adequate Debt Relief
This article goes in depth about what causes credit counseling to have such a high failure rate.

The Credit Impact of Third Party Debt Relief
This article explains how third party debt relief programs can affect your credit.

The Ideal Credit Counseling Debt Relief Client
This page provides information about who should use credit counseling as a debt relief alternative.

Finding the Best Credit Counseling Debt Relief Company
This page gives 4 useful tips on what to look for when considering the best credit counseling organization.

Non-Profit Debt Relief Company Abuses
This article is an overview of the 4 main ways non-profit debt relief companies have abused their tax-exempt status.

Why Are There So Many Non-Profit Debt Relief Companies?
This article explains the prevalence of non-profits in the debt relief industry.

Why The Bad Press For Non-Profit Debt Relief Firms?
This article explains why so much negative media attention has been paid to the non-profit debt management arena.

Non-Profit Debt Relief Companies Exploiting Americans
This article explains how some of the more notorious non-profit debt relief companies like Ameridebt exploited Americans by connecting themselves with for-profit entities.

Failure of Non Profit Debt Relief Counselors To Provide Educational Resources
This article explains how the failutre of many non-profit debt relief counselors to provide educational resources for consumers.

Common Mistakes Made By Consumers Seeking Debt Reduction and Relief
This article explains the 2 most common mistakes that consumers make when seeking debt reduction and relief solutions.

Do It Yourself Credit Card Bill Relief and Reduction Tips
This article gives four tips for consumers who prefer to reduce their credit card bills on their own.

Self-Managed Debt Relief Program
This article describes how to administer one's own debt relief plan.

How Credit Counseling Relief Works
This article describes the process behind enrolling in a debt management plan.

How To Prioritize Balances for Debt Relief
This article describes how to prioritize who gets paid first when cash-strapped and in need of debt relief.

Self-Debt Relief - Reducing Debt Yourself
This article discusses how to reduce debt yourself without the help of a third party debt relief company.

Rebuilding Credit After A Debt Relief Program
This article gives some basic tips about how to rebuild your credit after a debt relief program.

Debt Relief for Members of the Military
This article goes in depth about how the Service members Civil Relief Act of 2003 helps active duty military personnel get relief from their debts.

Credit Card Debt and the Statute of Limitations
This article provides consumers with information regarding the Statute of Limitations and the protection it provides.

Credit Card Debt Relief and Collection Agency Harassment
This article provides consumers with information regarding their rights and steps they can take to prevent and avoid collection agency harassment.

Debt Relief for Authorized Users
This article provides consumers with information surrounding the upcoming changes of what it means to be an authorized user on a credit card.

Debt Relief and Credit Cards for Consumers with no Bank Account or Bad Credit
This article discusses how consumers with no bank account or bad credit can open up new credit cards and improve their credit.

Unpaid Credit Card Debt Relief and Negotiation
This article discusses the debt relief options for consumers who have unpaid debt obligations.

National Debt Relief and Negotiation Services
This article discusses the services that Franklin Debt Relief provide nation wide.

Credit Card Help and Lower Monthly Payments
This article discusses the options for a lower monthly payment through debt relief programs.

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