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Non Profit Debt Relief Scams

Non-profit debt relief companies have become an increasingly popular option in recent years, due to the economic downturn and...


Reputable Debt Consolidation

A lot of people turn to debt relief agencies after their credit score has already been significantly damaged by late...


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Bankruptcy Resources
Avoid Bankruptcy
Despite popular conception, it's possible that you may have to pay back the debt in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Alternative
This article runs down some of the options available as alternatives to bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Exemptions
This article answers some frequently asked questions about what bankruptcy exemptions and provides useful information about the federal bankruptcy exemptions.

Community Property Laws
Useful information for consumers who are married and considering filing bankruptcy in California, Arizona, Texas, and much of the West.

Tenancy by the Entirety
Useful information for consumers who are married and considering filing bankruptcy in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and a handful of other states.

Illinois Bankruptcy Laws
Even though bankruptcy is handled federally, each state has it's own set of rules. This lists the property and income that is exempt in an Illinois bankruptcy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Bankruptcy
This article lists the 5 main reasons why consumers should avoid bankruptcy, or at the very least use it as a last resort.

When Bankruptcy Alternatives Don't Work
This article discusses some cases where a bankruptcy alternative may not work out in your favor.

Avoid Bankruptcy Attorneys Posing as Debt Relief Companies
This article summarizes the FTC consumer alert about bankruptcy attorneys posing as debt relief companies and what to look out for when seeking a debt solution.

Bankruptcy Reform and the Credit counseling Requirement
This article briefly details the new credit counseling requirement for consumers who are filing bankruptcy.

Avoiding Credit Cards and Bankruptcy
This article discusses bankruptcy reform and briefly debates who is to blame for the rise in credit card bankruptcy filings.

Avoiding Liens Through Bankruptcy
This article answers frequently asked questions about avoiding liens in bankruptcy.

Credit Counseling And Debt Relief Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
This article points out some important similarities between credit card counseling and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Primary Reasons Consumers File Bankruptcy as a Debt Relief Option
This article informs consumers of the main reasons why consumers are filing bankruptcy to settle their debts without considering a number of alternatives.

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