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About Us
Franklin Debt Relief’s “New Deal" is an innovative debt solution that dramatically reduces the monthly payment and overall debt amount of its clients. At Franklin Debt Relief we have one vision: to help Americans relieve their excessive debt burden and the everyday emotional anxiety that accompanies it. It was from this simple vision that we chose to incorporate the stamps of two great American icons---Benjamin Franklin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt---and their twin legacies of wealth-building and hope.

Benjamin Franklin: Wealth-Building

“I’d rather go to bed without supper than rise in debt.”

Franklin Debt Relief’s logo is derived from Benjamin Franklin’s profile and our company slogan from one of his many famous quotes about his hatred of debt. Some other famous quotes by Franklin on debt and wealth-building:

“When you run in debt; you give to another power over your liberty.”

“Creditors have better memories than debtors.”

“The borrower is a slave to the lender, and the debtor to the creditor, disdain the chain, preserve your freedom; and maintain your independency: be industrious and free; be frugal and free.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Hope

The name of our debt reduction plan, the “New Deal” program, hails its name from the series of initiatives passed by FDR that aimed at providing relief and reform for Americans during the Great Depression. Those Americans still alive today from this era proudly remember FDR and the New Deal as a great source of hope and financial relief in the dark hours of the Great Depression. At Franklin Debt Relief we aim to have every client remember us in the same light as Americans remember FDR----as a source of hope and financial relief.

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